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Busy Mom's

Cure to an

Overloaded Schedule


A Busy Mom’s Cure to an Overloaded Schedule will turn your time starved calendar into a guilt free lifestyle in a matter of 12 weeks which is about the same amount of time it takes your school-aged child to outgrow that new wardrobe.

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A Family Coaching session will guide your family with gentle lifestyle shifts

that pay off with huge results.

Busy Mom’s Cure to an Overloaded Schedule

Did you oversleep, miss your workout, forget where you set your coffee down, log on late for another day of virtual learning and accidently leave the dog outside in the rain…all before 8am?


Girl, I’ve done that too!!! In fact, I’ve had several variations of this storyline. I bet you have too.


Maybe you and I are alike in other ways:

  • chaotic schedule?

  • postponing workouts that lead to being missed all together?

  • or-here’s a good one, over commit to allllll the things?


Did you know it’s actually possible to have what you want?!

  • Guilt free self-care

  • Routine for workouts

  • Firmly, yet respectfully saying “no” in order to afford time for what you really want


I’m Mystie, RN and certified Wellness Coach. I’m the founder of BLUM Health and Wellness.

The Busy Mom’s Cure to an Overloaded Schedule was create out of 10+ years of experience working with burnt out moms who knew there was more to life than the day to day chaos.


What I’ve realized is that these things don’t work:

  • Fulfilling the wishes and dreams of those around us without taking a moment to decide if that’s what we really want to do.

  • crash, restrictive, quick-fix, shaming diet fads don’t work-amen?

  • expensive gym equipment that also serves as a hanging rack.

  • drive thru meals aren’t nutritionally satisfying.

  • establishing the title of “Super Mom” leaves us feeling exhausted from being everything to everyone.


A Busy Mom’s Cure to an Overloaded Schedule will turn your time starved calendar into a guilt free lifestyle in a matter of 12 weeks which is about the same amount of time it takes your school-aged child to outgrow that new wardrobe.

Got a second? Let’s look at what’s included in each step of this fresh, simple system.


  1. Reconnect With Who You Are And What You Truly Want

    • We will take an in depth look at what makes you tick and feel alive outside of your mom title.

    • I will guide you in this self-discovery process through challenging, thought provoking questions so you can confidently share what you authentically value.

  2. The Art Of Saying, “No”

    • I hear from moms all the time that they were suckered into this or guilted into that.

    • In this particular session you’ll walk away with an arsenal of ideas to quickly and efficiently say no to what you don’t want to do in order to emphatically say YES to what fills your soul.

  3. Using The Power Of Gratitude To Find Calm Amid The Chaos

    • Resentment sneaks in sometimes without our permission. I will teach you specific ways to harness the power of gratitude builds the foundation of grace.

    • This still takes intention, practice and personal self-compassion. At the end of this session you will be in a state of peace with resources in your inbox like:

      • Journal prompts

      • List of apps to consider

      • Specific 7-day challenge to put this into practice

  4. Laying The Foundation For Good Health

    • Most women can identify what they are good at but struggle to hone in on their actual strengths

    • Together we will pinpoint these strengths through various tools, so you’ll know which one to use when you need it

    • You can’t be everything to everyone. You get to decide how to use the strengths that make you tick, let me show you how.

  5. Permission Slip to Self-Care

    • Mothers are acutely aware of the need for personal time. What if you extended the generosity you show others inwardly? Imagine the possibilities!

    • You will commit to one non-negotiable in your calendar without the unwelcoming intrusion of second guessing or guilt.

  6. Fitting in Fitness-You DO Have Time For That!

    • Physical exercise seems to be the first thing to go when time is short.

    • Now that you’ve practiced how to say no, you’ve freed up time to say yes to your physical wellbeing.

    • I will teach you the difference between eustress and distress how to leverage the power of those endorphins! The space is available in your calendar, I guarantee!

Each session we’ll each grab a cup of coffee and meet via Zoom for an intimate conversation with your vision for a first-class life at center stage!


It takes a village of like-minded momma’s which I’ve got ready for you. Here you will be able to collaborate and share what is working well in your world and get support from other committed women seeking the best version of themselves. So, in that downtime during, practice while you’re scrolling, land on something that will lavishly fill your heart.

Prepared to Dive in?  Take this quiz before committing to your next step.

  • Are you ready to…

    • Thrive instead of survive?

    • Optimize your time-starved schedule?

    • Elegantly say no in order to say yes to what you really want?

    • Experience a high-touch, personalized approach to immediately improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing?


Are you ready to up level your life? Maybe you’re still not sure? It’s ok, I would love to chat with you and see if we could make a collaborative team and answer any questions you may have.

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Overloaded Schedule
Family Coaching

Tell me if this sounds familiar.


“I don’t like broccoli.”

“Why do I have to eat vegetables?”

“Ugh!! I don’t want to _______ I’d rather chat on my phone/play video games/watch tv.”


The list goes on and on, right? As a mom, you scour Pinterest for healthy options, strategies to break kids from technology and fail proof ways to connect as a family.


What if I told you that it is possible? I’ve worked with families, just like yours, to strategize a system that will work for you.

How did they do it?

  • Curiosity of what life will look like as a healthier family

  • Passion to follow those big dreams

  • Open hearts and minds to possibilities

  • Willingness to succeed and learn along the way

  • Exceptional communication


What would this look like for your family?

  • 12-weekly sessions via Zoom scheduled at your convenience with the whole fam involved

  • Weekly homework to find the system that will work for your overloaded family

  • Unlimited email support

  • Safe place to grow and support each unique personality in your family


From the first visit, my clients make gentle lifestyle shifts that pay off with huge results! Here’s what they had to say:


  • “We’ve tried repeatedly in the past to make these changes for our family on our own, but the kid’s investment in discussions and goal setting, and the accountability calls helped keep everyone motivated. It’s been almost 3 months since we started working with Mystie and our family is still maintaining those healthy eating, moving, and relationship habits.” 

  • “Our family has experienced numerous benefits from being coached by Mystie. We thought we would be focusing just on healthy eating habits and exercise, but with Mystie guiding our family discussions, we were led to more areas of growth as a family! She is a wealth of information and support with a magical ability to get the apprehensive kids involved with setting goals and making those achievable “2 mm” shifts.”


In just 4 weeks one family was able to accomplish all of this:

  • Consistently choosing 1 fruit + 1 vegetable daily (replacing fruit snacks)

  • Having one “fun size” candy after dinner  (rather than snacking on them throughout the day)

  • Consuming more water during the day (instead of more juice/pop than water)

  • Increasing exercise (from zero minutes/week) to nearly 100 minutes/week.

  • Completely cutting out snacks after 7pm (previously snacking out of boredom between dinner and bedtime)

  • Dedicated family time each night for 15 minutes (rather than going in separate directions)

  • Healthy competition toward holistic goals


Ready to see this same transformation in your home? Sweet Momma, it is possible and it would be my pleasure to show you how. 

Click here to book a FREE 30 minute strategy session to take the first step.

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