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BLUM: Beautiful Life Upward Momentum is the essence of the coach/client relationship. Change is rarely a linear process; there are always twists and turns, the occasional pot hole or even a wreck to knock us off track. That’s where BLUM shines. Taking the moments of struggle and finding new light allows clients to continue the upward motion required toward their optimal wellbeing; the beauty in the process. Working with a health and wellness coach invites you leverage your inner creativity and come up with small manageable goals to propel you.

About Mystie
Mountain Range

1: Growing up: small town USA; Lee’s Summit, MO. But if I’m being honest, my heart lives in the mountains

2: Eating habits: plant-based lifestyle. If you aren’t, no judgment or persuasion to do so. I won’t yuck someone else’s yum :)

3: Best decision of my life: Trusting my heart to Jesus, hands down. Runner up-trusting that the gifts He entrusted me with will be used for His glory.

4: Ideal vacay: getting a little lost in the mountains on a rough trail with a trusty GPS and enough water. I love cautious adventure.

5: My passions: family time, fitness and celebrating the success of clients 

6: You’d Never Guess: I fractured my pelvis in a car accident in 2005 which changed the entire trajectory of my life. Yes, I’m that hard headed that it took a car accident to a long recovery to truly see the path He had in mind. 

7: Why did you decide to become a health and wellness coach? I’ve always had a passion for serving others and learning, which is why I became a nurse. Couple that with my desire to see the ‘ah-ha’ moments in teaching, this was a no brainer! 

8: What motivates you? Personally, my kids! Professionally, I truly get energized by the success of others and seeing the transformative results they create through a little goals that lead to life changing results. 

9: Who are the biggest influences in your life? My tribe of family and friends bar none! Their unconditional love and support means the world to me.

10. Background: RN, BSN from Saint Luke’s College of Nursing, certified Health and Wellness coach through Wellcoaches, sitting for the NBC-HWC exam in October, 2020. 

About Mystie


With Me

Coaching is a beautiful reflection of the client’s dedication. True, lasting, meaningful change takes some time to gently work through. That said, packages are charged/priced out in groups of 4 coaching sessions. Schedule a free 20 minute session to make sure it is a good fit for your investment. 

Enjoying the Nature


Sunset in Mountain

Mystie’s gentle questions helped me realize my own inner potential and define what was the most important to me. From there, I set small weekly goals. I’m so proud of myself and what I’ve been able to accomplish is such a short period of time.

- M. C.

Mountain Peaks

Working with Mystie has been better for my personal growth than I could have possibly imagined.  Like anything in life, you get out what you put in.  If you give it your best Mystie will help pull more out of you.  Her guidance in setting defined goals, and her ability to encourage by calling out my strengths pushed me higher than I could have flown on my own.  I was at a crossroads in life when I found her services.  With her help I have been able to stay focused and better myself through one of my life’s toughest storms.  She genuinely cares for people and it shines through her work.

- N. S.

Mountain Peak

Coaching has been the best investment in myself. I have lost over 40 pounds through little changes that I’ve never been able to tackle in the past. I truly appreciate how Mystie never once told me what to do but simply helped me narrow down my next move.

- R. C.

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Lee's Summit, MO, USA


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