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Covid really messed with my health mentally, emotionally and physically and I can’t seem to get back in the swing of things…
Sound familiar? Well, we’ve been there.

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Who are we?

Who We Are

We are four women at all stages of life that have struggled in some way with our health and thankfully discovered solutions that truly work.  We became teachers of health because we are passionate about helping our fellow friends, sisters, mothers and daughters unlock the key to their best selves!  


Are you searching for ways to transform your health in sustainable, practical steps that stick for a lifetime?  Do you struggle with fatigue, feeling overwhelmed and over-scheduled?  Maybe you struggle with aches, pains, brain fog, bloating and other signs of inflammation.  What would it be like to transform into feeling energetic, focused and present with your loved ones?  How would you be a better you?  What would that look like and how neat would it be to effectively lead your family to find the same success?


In each of our quarterly conferences, we will teach you what we know. Not because we are the smartest tools in the shed but because we have been there done that! We will share our real life struggles and send you on the path to fast tracking your health.  You will learn through our mistakes and trust us we made plenty.  We are more than excited to share our resources and knowledge with you to become “empowered’ on your journey.  Each time we are together the content will be fresh and new but we will stick to four pillars to outline the topics for that event.  

Our Pillars of Health

Pillars of Health


EFC believes in the power of vision.  When we carefully craft where we want to go, then getting there goes more smoothly.  Life definitely isn’t always “smooth”, but when you have a road map that is uniquely yours, you can get right back on track when life throws you those inevitable detours.  Become intentional with your time, companions, thoughts and choices.  It all starts with a vision for what you want your best self to be!

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We believe that nourishment is a way of life. Food is fuel, and its potential reaches beyond caloric content. We are nourished by the essence of what we eat as well as the relationships around the table. From phytonutrients expressed in colors and flavors of whole foods to the creativity of preparing and savoring them in daily meals, we engage the senses. Embracing healthy living is a journey of planning, adapting and persevering. Being nourished is key for empowering us to walk in our God-given purpose.

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As women we have allowed intuition to be our guiding light. We have always embraced our innate intelligence to “follow our gut”. Intuition guides us in making instinctual decisions to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. Our gut responds to times we are sad, excited, nervous, hungry and more. The gut is the center of our divine intuition. Like a beautiful rainforest our gut flourishes in healthy diversity. When our gut is flourishing we can empower and reconnect to our inner feminine knowingness.

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We believe in the true authenticity of each woman who joins the Empowered Feminine Collective. She reveals this by walking tall in her unique nature, talents, and values. She will show up powerfully in the world by allowing herself to be vulnerable and open-hearted in pursuing her passions and committing to her holistic health.

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The Collective

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Robin Cook is a Health Coach, author and jewelry designer. 

Inspired by her own mother’s health crisis and recovery, Cook 2 Flourish was established to educate, equip and encourage busy moms and students to make sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. Getting to cook with kids in the kitchen is one of her favorite health coaching “hats,” where they explore colorful, flavorful whole foods. Through cooking classes, blogging and her books, her mission is to see families flourish in soul and health from the inside out!

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Dr. Kerri Howerton

Dr. Kerri Howerton is a board-certified functional medicine practitioner, chiropractic physician and owner of Modern Health KC in downtown Lee’s Summit. Her specialty is helping people who are experiencing frustrating digestive issues and diseases such as IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, reflux, and more to heal their guts so they can get back to living life with ease — without worrying about whether their next meal will cause pain, discomfort or embarrassing symptoms. She does this through cutting-edge laboratory testing, personalized nutrition, stress modification and lifestyle changes that transform patients’ health from the inside out. Dr. Howerton is also an Air Force veteran and mother. On her days off, you can find her hanging out with her 3 children — Quinton, Wynston, Bria — and her hot husband, Preston, at their family farm in her she-shed making wood art out of recycled barnwood.

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Dr. Anne Morgan

Dr. Anne Morgan is a Kansas City area native and a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician.  She graduated from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in 1999 and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Missouri Kansas City. She has felt truly rewarded over the past 22 years serving patients in Emergency Medicine.  Over the last 6 years she has been developing a practice and taking additional courses in how to achieve optimal health that are not taught in traditional medicine. She launched her wellness practice in 2019. She is passionate about health and wellness and is excited to pass on her training and guidance to help patients live their best lives. She has a special interest in hormone replacement and optimizing thyroid function for weight management and improving cardiovascular health. The name of her practice, Thrive Once More, really sums up her goal for her patients. 


Dr. Morgan enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking and interior design.  Most of all, she loves spending time with her two daughters and her dog, Leo. 


Thrive Once More is a practice that enables patients to have a connected, meaningful relationship with a physician who truly wishes to unlock their potential best health.

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Mystie Oldham

BLUM is an online, boutique coaching practice with Mystie Oldham, BSN, RN; NBC-HWC. Busy moms work with Mystie when they're ready to prioritize their health and tame their wild schedules!  Women have the unique opportunity to nourish little hearts while maintaining her own identity. Mom's are the queens of taking on the needs of others which cuts out the necessary time for her own needs. Women of BLUM are uniquely passionate about their health in different ways. Working with an experienced coach helps her clarify those health dreams and bring that vision to life through small wins.


Fast Track to Flourish

Are you ready to have clarity on what simple shifts you can make in your daily wellness routine?


Do you desire to uplevel your health but just need the inspiration to take action?


This is your time to be equipped and empowered to flourish!

In our first kick off event we will be exploring “the perfect day”.  What would that look like for you?  We promise to be clear with our message, equip you with the tools you need and inspire you to take action! 

The Fast Track to Flourish event is a highly immersive and interactive workshop from 4 innovative leaders in health within the Lee's Summit community. Enjoy a deliciously hand curated lunch that will leave you feeling energized and satisfied. Shop and learn from local vendors who also support the mission of transforming your health in sustainable, practical steps. You'll walk away with your own workbook as a road map of empowered motivation to make specific changes in your life to prioritize your health.

September 9th, 2022 
11:00am to 2:30pm
$79 per person
Gamber Center
4 SE Independence Ave, Lee's Summit, MO 64063


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