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11 Spicy At-Home Dates

Skip Netflix! These 11 alluring date ideas are the perfect ways to reconnect with your hubby-no babysitter needed!

  • Favorite take-out + firepit +/- wine. Snuggle up with a cozy blanket and enjoy the mesmerizing flames.

  • Snacks + card/board game. Some good competition can be a great aphrodisiac!

  • Movie + makeout. 😘 Put on a movie that you don't need to follow and pretend you're newlyweds.

  • Try a new recipe with sassy ingredients or a new flavor inspired by a country that you'd like to visit. Bonus points for dressing the part!

  • Learn each other's Love Language! What a powerful way to connect and understand and show your spouse love! Here's a link to the quiz and the book for a deeper dive.

  • Assess 12-month to 5-year goals & reflect on progress in 2022. Do your yearly still apply? What accomplishments are the proudest of for this year? What's going well? Where can you invest more energy into your goals? Where does each of you need more support?

  • Make a list of silly Elf on the Shelf staging ideas best one gets a back rub!

  • Hallmark movie + gift wrapping.

  • Family Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition. I highly recommend this book! It's filled with fun ways to connect without spending much.

  • Recreate your favorite date by getting creative with what you have at home. The planning shows off each of your creative sides and then you get to enjoy reminiscing that memory.

  • Take a steamy shower together and wash away the stress (totally stole this for a friend who has this as a morning routine with her husband)

Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below



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