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3-2-1 JUMP!

Several years ago I had the opportunity to face my fear of heights by skydiving with the Golden Knights, the Army Paratrooper Team.

While my tandem diver had thousands of jumps under his belt I was still nervous! (as evidenced by the multiple trips to the bathroom before... girl, you would have the nervous poops too!)

-Is this harness too loose?

-Are you sure this is the right fit?

-Was this a mistake?

- What if this...what more thing

I lacked confidence and courage that this would be a positive, unforgettable experience.

A million pep talks and a plane full of encouragement later we began the glorious descent to the ground via a shady-looking 'garage door'. (Ok but really, I screamed for the first few seconds)

My first words once we came to a skidding stop in the soft grass were, "WE MADE IT"

My life's motto is, "Always be brave." My kids hear it constantly. A close second is, "You can do hard things."

Why do moms need to be more courageous?

We're mama bears!

You're limiting your ability to show up powerfully by living in self-doubt.

2 Timothy 1:7 says, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

The power of courage lies in setting boundaries for your own well-being. It's saying no to what sucks your mental, physical and emotional energy to free space for what you do want. Setting boundaries is the beginning of living for what sets your heart on fire.

It's loving your family enough to prioritize your own mental and emotional health. This provides the capacity to show up as the best version of yourself!

Courage uses your sound mind to consider what could be, seek solutions to elevate your health, research alternatives, or invest in yourself through utilizing a health coach (hey!).

Here's the thing. Motherhood isn't for the faint of heart!

Can I get an, "amen"?

We need each other, for support, encouragement, and wisdom.

The dirty secret is little eyes are always watching. What limiting beliefs did you normalize from your past?

-binging on sweets (or wine) after the kids go to bed because you "deserve it" or it was a "hard day"

-running on coffee and messy buns + and 3 pm coffee before the kids get home

- frayed nerves and a short temper

- personal body shaming

- the endless cycle of dieting & weight gain

What a beautiful gift to impart to your kids by walking in courage by valuing yourself! They will see you taking impeccable care of yourself and it empowers them to advocate for their health. Change the cycle! Offer an uplifting alternative.

It starts with the courage to care for yourself. ❤

I'll share exactly how to be more courageous in part 2.

Until then know this, my faith in your success is so much greater than your own doubt.

All the best,
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