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35 Rewarding 10 min Tasks

Unless you're coming over, my house is never this spotless!


Let's Do This!

-throw in a load of laundry

​-throw out mismatched socks

-unload/load the dishwasher

Empty the trash cans

-wipe down your bathroom

-delete 100 emails

-remove old food from the refrigerator

-Strip and make your bed

-walk around the block

-sweep/Swiffer the kitchen

-gather three things to donate

-start some sauce for a pasta dinner

​-check the flyers to make your grocery list

-clean the bathtub

-water your plants

-start a to-do list of all the things weighing on your mind

-put away a load of laundry

​- wash the lunchboxes

​-purge the toy box of broken toys

-vacuum the living room

-clean out your purse

​-get an online quote for insurance

-pluck your eyebrows or make a wax appointment

​-scrub the toilet

-make a dreaded phone call or write the email you've been putting off

-scrub the kitchen

-clean out your car

-spray the tub grout

-wipe down the front door inside & out

-have an extra house key made and give it to a trusted friend

-dust the light fixtures and lamp bulbs

-wipe down your kitchen base boards

-run a cup of vinegar through an empty dishwasher

-clean behind the toilet (be brave!!)

you know you snuggle the warm towels too 😉



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