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4 Fail Proof Steps to a Peaceful Morning:

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

4 Fail Proof Steps to a Peaceful Morning

1. Start the night before

Take a moment to assess what can be checked off your morning list the night before. Lunches? Water bottles? Backpacks ready to walk out the door? Work bag/gym bag packed?

Here's the beauty of it, unless your single, you don't have to do it alone! If they're old enough, kids can have some liberty in making their own lunches (and maybe even yours!).

Simply taking a moment to assess what could be done to make your morning streamlined, frees up potential stress.

2. Begin with gratitude

When your eyes open in the morning, breathe in the opportunity to make the day great.

Even if you know the challenges that lie ahead-set your sites on gratitude. For me, it begins with a prayer of thanks for the chance to use the gifts and talents I have in service of others.

This practice of gratitude could also be as simple mantra, "I am thankful for the day and what it will hold" or jotting down 2-3 reasons you are truly grateful for the day in a journal on your bedside table.

This step really sets your heart for the day.

3. Everything in its place

Raise your hand if your child recently misplaced their left shoe, their math book, or you suddenly can't find your car keys.

We've all been there and we've all wandered into less than peaceful places when this does occur. Frenzy sets in and frustration ensues.

When everything has a dedicated location, it's never lost. Wherever you decide the lunchboxes go at the end of the day is great, just keep it consistent.

Order comes from less chaos and that leads to a peaceful morning routine.

4. Expect the unexpected and roll with it

So you've started the night before-check! You set you heart in gratitude-check! You made sure everything has a place to easily access for your morning routine-check! And then…the blow dyer quits working or a child is ill.

You've done all of the constructive tasks to set yourself up for success. Now it's time to shine! Those moments of intense frustration are what we would call growth edges in coaching.

These are chances to tap into your creativity to work through the obstacle.


I would love to know your tips and tricks for morning routines or how these spoke to you. If there is an opportunity for me to support you in the journey of creating a peaceful morning, or on your wellness journey, let’s connect!

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