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Developing courage in 4 simple steps

Are you up for a solution to feeling like you're in the same rut?

Regardless of the stage of motherhood you're in, I'd like to encourage you to consider how you can walk like your bold, brave self!

There are countless self-help books, blogs, podcasts, and seminars but I've simplified this for you even more.

How do you design a courageous life as a crazy busy mama?

There are four steps to march into your gutsy self!

  1. Acknowledge the fear or limiting belief. Take time to ponder what it is that is overwhelming your thoughts. What are you googling at night? What keeps you up at night? (ie: I can't lose weight. My blood sugars will always be high. I snack on junk at night, it's just what I do.)

  2. Confront it! Use a direct "I feel" statement regarding the sentiment behind that limiting belief. Dig deep. How do you truly feel about those negative thoughts? What's behind that? (I feel uncomfortable in shorts. I feel ashamed that I binge at night. I feel overwhelmed by my to-do list) Dr. Dan Seigel was the first to coin the term "Name it to Tame it." In doing this you turn off the fight or flight response in your brain. This allows the executive function in the front of your brain to engage and help you rationally determine what to do next. So dive in, and get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to grow.

  3. Replace that fear or belief. What is the opposite response to that thought? Divide a piece of paper in half lengthwise with the limiting belief on the left and the opposite response on the other. This will help you visually see. (I'm thankful for the ways my body works for me. I will journal my thoughts about food after the kids go to bed. I can dedicate 10 minutes to completing one thing on my list.)

  4. Connect! Share your heart with a trusted friend. If you're serious about accelerating your goals and finally living the consistently healthy lifestyle you've dreamed of, invest in yourself by hiring a coach. In fact, this is the private, direct link to my calendar. If you're ready to expedite your process pencil yourself in.

What fellow mom in your life needs to hear this? Feel free to hit forward and send it over to her. Share the good stuff, sister! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay tuned for the final component to living courageously as a busy mama.

All the best,
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