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Meal Planning Q&A

💋 Keep It, Simple Sis, 💋 ⁠


Let's take the guesswork out of meal planning with these common questions. ⁠


Q: Is meal planning important for weight loss?

A: It's definitely important as a way to control the intake of calories and nutrients & to be balanced. Without good planning, you can be more susceptible to temptation.

Q: Meal prep takes so long! I don't have time. What are your tips to save time?

A: Start with quick and simple meals. Cook ingredients like protein/grains in advance. You can also save time by picking up pre-chopped veggies for your dishes. You're worth the investment of time. 😊

Q: If I meal plan won't we eat the same thing over and over?

A: No way! By planning your meals in advance you're able to increase the variety but it's helpful to have an arsenal of go-to favs. If you're just getting started aim for 1-2 new dishes/week.

Q: Do you grocery shop or use a delivery service?

A: I personally go to the store once a week (Aldi & Sprouts) bc I'm a grocery store nerd. 😜 We also pick up produce from a local farmer on Thursdays. Delivery services are great if you're tempted to pick up items that aren't on your shopping list.

Q: I really want my family to eat at home but we have too many practices. Any suggestions?

A: It's possible! There are so many options like: bento boxes, crock pot meals, one-pan skillet dinners, a thermos of hardy stew, wraps, whole fruits, veggies with guac or hummus... Send me a DM and I'll send you a 'busy weeknight meal plan'

What are your struggles meal planning? Leave a comment below. Someone else has the same one, I promise! I'll answer them for ya!



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