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Morning Habits to Kick ASAP

Raise your hand if you're guilty of one/all of these.

  1. Immediately reaching for your phone

  2. Snoozing

  3. Skipping breakfast

  4. Not planning the day

We've all been there but here's the WHY behind breaking these habits.

1-Scrolling: Your brain waves haven't naturally processed being awake. By reaching for a device you're priming your brain for an increased stress response. Solution? Avoid technology for the first hour after waking. Your stress levels will thank you!

2-Snoozing: Natural, restorative sleep (REM) is interrupted with that extra 10+ minutes. Studies have shown that snoozing makes you feel MORE tired! Solution: Aim for 7-9 hours a night with the same sleep/wake times within 20 minutes even on the weekends.

3-Skipping breakfast: Mixed data on this one for sure. However, having a balanced breakfast with healthy fats, moderate carbs and protein will prepare your metabolism prepared to take on the day. Solution: rather than reaching for coffee and a danish at Scooters see some of my many quick breakfast options from previous posts.

4-Not planning your day: If you're not planning it, someone else will capitalize on your time. Consider specific time blocks for essential tasks like exercise, preparing a healthy meal, and downtime! Add in focused tasks that require more brainpower when you feel at your very best. Add these blocks to your calendar to be the lady boss.

Looking for the nitty gritty practical ways to implement these strategies?

Click right here for a free 30 min strategy session and we'll figure out your next step.



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