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Top 6 Beach Must-Haves

Oldham summer adventures are off and running! First stop-Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Here's what I've discovered I can't do without at the beach. (I don't have any affiliation to these products. I don't get anything for promoting, just sharing the love!) I'm a one-stop-shop kinda gal so I added links for ya! You're welcome ❤️

  • Quick dry, sand repellent beach towels. MIND BLOWN!! These are fantastic. No more stinky, drippy towels!! They fold up quite small, which is essential when space is limited.

  • Mineral sunscreen- We have tried to many and this one is hands down the best! This is the one I personally use on my face 365 days/year. It's from ColorUp Cosmetics, doesn't clog pores, offers great coverage and stays put.

  • Terry Tether clips-these are a lifesaver to hang your beach bag, hold your towel down, clip hats to your bag, keep chip bags closed. Endless uses! Also, I love that this product was created by a mother and daughter to orignally keep towels attached to the boat instead of flying everywhere. Definitely worth a follow on IG

  • Natural Neo-This salve has three of natures most skin healing herbs (calendula flowers, comfrey leaf & root, yarrow leaf and flower). It feels so dreamy on sunburned skin! My hubs & son are both very fair complected, and depsite our best efforts they both got burned. Neither one peeled after using this. Definitely a better option to old school chemical infused aloe.

  • Stashers- these reusable bags are the perfect solution to flimsy single use bags. They have been 100% worth the investment. I've had some of these bags for 10+ years!

  • Hydroflask or Yeti waterbottle-same theme...less single use plastic and it keeps your drinks cold! I highly recommend the straw, especially with kids. We also love to add the cliche' stickers of the places we've visited.

  • This canopy from Wal-Mart kept us sheltered perfectly! AND it's under $50! It folds up into a perfect little case and it's lite enough for the kids to even carry-bonus!

What have you discovered that you simply can't do without on a beach vacay? Share your thoughts below.

All the best!


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