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Vacay without extra pounds afterwards

Whether you're heading to the lake for the weekend, grandma's house two states over, or on a long-haul like we are (shout out to the other gypsies in the crowd!!), it can be a challenge to eat healthy on the road.

I have three tips for you to return home without chucking your goals, tighter shorts, or personal shaming.

1-Plan before you leave:

-If you're in an Airbnb, consider basic quick meals with minimal ingredients. Remember to ask your host what (if any) spices are available. I take my everyday spices, a good knife and one skillet with me! It sounds over the top, but it has saved us many times this summer! 😉

-Using InstaCart to order groceries saves an additional stop. I love exploring new grocery stores, but I can appreciate the time savings of delivery.

-Get familiar with restaurants around your area. Take a look at menus ahead of time to mentally decide before you're starving at the moment. Apps like Happy Cow can help you make healthier choices. You can even filter dietary preferences (bonus when you're a plant-based family!) Abby's Better Nut Butters for the win while hiking in Conagree, NP

2-On the road:

-Not every roadside stop or airport terminal will have healthy options so best to take your family faves with you. Leftover containers are perfect for fruits, and reusable bags are excellent for veggies or sandwiches/wraps from home. Bonus!! You'll have them for the trip as well.

-My fav grab-n-go snacks are on the "travel life" highlight on my IG. I tend to grab mixed nuts, fresh fruit cups, veggies and hummus, water, pumpkin seeds, pita chips and guac cups, Lara bars, or Rx bars. My kids love the dark chocolate-dusted almonds for a little something sweet. (me too!)

3- The result

-You're less stressed because you have a framework for healthy meals and snacks.

-Self-sabotage doesn't get the best of you, which means you'll return home without guilt or additional lbs! 🙌

-You gain confidence knowing that you really can maintain your commitment to a healthy lifestyle even when you're away from home.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts about maintaining a healthy diet away from home.

All the best!


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